The company C. de Koning Tilly B.V. in Haarlem (Netherlands), producer of the well-known product Haarlem Oil (Oprechte Haarlemmerolie), has recently passed into other hands.
This will ensure the future of one of the oldest Dutch companies - founded in 1696. After eleven (!) generations in family possession, the link between the family and the company is maintained via a company share.
The production and sale of the only genuine Haarlem Oil will continue under the well-known company name: « C. de Koning Tilly B.V. », according to the secret recipe of inventor and company founder Claes Tilly. This will ensure the authenticity and the quality of the product.
You can read more about the eventful - over three hundred years old - history of the genuine Haarlem Oil in the above menu, which provides access to the original website.

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